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It’s tough doing what we do...

 When you’re looking at an authentic piece created by an Oscar winning FX artist, you’re literally looking at a Rembrandt or a Picasso from the world of Special Effects makeup! Just sayin'.... 

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The EPM is a Canadian Non-Profit dedicated to the preservation and public display of  movie props, costumes and practical effects make up. We have created a unique, gallery style museum where our visitors can walk freely among exhibits of iconic, original pieces from the worlds of  cinema and television. In an effort to offer our visitors the most enjoyable experience possible, our displays are designed to explain all aspects of the art form from sculpture to mold making, appliances and make up to dental prosthetics and the creation of costumes and wardrobe, all shown through exhibits of original and authentic material. 

Our goal is to welcome our visitors and let them sample life from the other side of the camera lens ... to see and experience what's involved in transforming actors into the larger than life characters we all love to watch on screen. It's important to us that you leave The EPM entertained as well as informed which is why we intentionally left our museum open concept and our exhibits gallery style. We believe that being able to walk around a single level, open floor design which houses some of the most instantly recognizable and iconic movie exhibits in the world, is a fundamental part of that!  



We are now open after a long face lift phase on a character building in the eclectic area of 124th street in Edmonton.  Our one of a kind, interactive visitor experience is now full of exhibits from all aspects of the practical effects world. The displays are based around a huge inventory of authentic movie props and special effects exhibits and costumes from over 75 classic movies & TV shows



To assist us with our goal, we've secured the input, participation and support of Oscar winning and globally recognized FX artists and actors who will attend workshops or speakers’ events to showcase their work in person!  You will get the opportunity to learn all about the artists who create some of the worlds most iconic make ups as well as the actors who spend their careers under them!


Want to hear about all the cool stuff that's coming up?

The EPM is a proud supporter of all Police, Military & 1st Responder personnel and in recognition of their service, proudly offer discounted admission to them and their families.

 If you have any questions about the Edmonton Prop Museum, our exhibits or anything else relating to our venue, please feel free to contact us through the button below or give us a call ! 

10838 124th Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(780) 452-0722 OFFICE OR (780) 267-9858 AFTER HOURS

Open today

12:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m.



SUNDAY - Noon to 5pm

PLEASE NOTE : In order to allow visitors time to enjoy our exhibits fully,  last entry is 45 minutes prior to closing.

Our venue is also available for private events and group tours outside of our regular open hours.  Please contact us for more information.

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