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 EPM supporters, partners and patrons are just everyday people, folks who are fans of movies, TV shows and theater, comic books and art or just pop culture in general.  Fans are passionate people and they appreciate the cause we've undertaken. Being able to see up close and in person, the level of detail which goes into examples within the museums exhibit inventory, our visitors quickly develop a new found appreciation for the artistry behind practical special effects and FX makeup too. They also understand how important it is to preserve these unique and iconic works of art for future generations. Our museum is open to the public, educational institutes and professional organizations 5 days per week and we stand strongly behind the commitment we entered into when we developed The EPM: To ensure that every single significant piece we can obtain is not only saved, it is also displayed  publicly for our visitors to enjoy.   

This is where we need your help  

Being a Registered Non profit Organization and in order to cover our overheads and operational costs, we not only rely on revenue from visitors to our museum, we also rely on public goodwill and financial support, as well as Government grants and funding. In order to streamline the public donations process, we have set up a structured program where supporters can make regular, ongoing contributions, or one-off payments. There are several tiers of support and contributions can be made by using credit cards or PayPal through our website or by the debit / credit card  at the reception of our museum. We also accept cheques, e-transfers and cash.   

Anyone who decides to support The EPM can have their contribution published in the support section or they can remain anonymous. Non Profit Contribution receipts and further correspondence will be sent to the e-mail address given once the check out process is complete. 

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